SciBase's mission is to enable better science through better information; because of this, ensuring that the content that users contribute is high quality is of utmost importance to us. We do this in a few ways:

Identity Verification. While we do allow users to post content anonymously (more on that below), it's very important to ensure that users represent themselves and their expertise accurately. For this reason, we occassionally randomlly will reach out to users to verify that they are who they say they are. This way, if someone on the site claims they graduated with a PhD from MIT and has 10 years of work experience at Pfizer, you'll be confident that's true.

Anonymous and Alias Posting. While we believe it's important to make sure people don't misrepresent themselves, we believe it's also important to make sure people feel comfortable posting information that - while scientifically accurate - might be politically sensitive. For example, a grad student might want to critique their professor's work (or vice versa), but for some reason may be uncomfortable doing so. By allowing users to post anonymously or under an alias, we hope people feel comfortable posting the best science possible. (It should be clear, however, that we will not tolerate personal attacks.)

Rating of Reviews. In addition to just rating papers, users can - no, have an obligation to - also rate reviews. This is important for helping maintain high quality content. If someone rights a poor review, rate that review 1 star; if it's a great review, rate it 5 stars. Over time, the ratings of those reviewers who write high-quality reviews will get more weight, and ratings of those who write low-quality reviews will get less weight. 

Flagging Comments & Reviews. Finally, if someone is being inappropriate on the site, whether through personal attacks, unfounded accusations, crass language, or anything else that truly is not in the professional, scientific spirit of the site, you can 'flag' a review or comment. If a specific user receives enough flagged reviews and/or comments from enough different users, it could be grounds for being banned from the site.  Just don't do it.

SciBase is meant to set the standard for high-quality scientific discussion. We trust you'll uphold it, as great science benefits everyone.