An important note:

Please note that we are actively experimenting with various formulas to find the one that we feel best helps users identify the most relevant papers for them, so this page is likely to change from time to time. There are an almost infinite number of ways to calculate these things, each with its pros and cons, so it's virtually certainly that - no matter how we calculate these things - we will not be able to please everyone. For that reason, we believe the best we can do is always be transparent in how our ratings are being calculated and our thinking behind it. While we are always open to suggestions on how we might further refine such calculations, we ask that you please understand that accommodating all such requests would be possible.


When user visit a user's profile, you'll see a star rating associate with that user. That ratings is based upon (a) how other users have rated that user's papers, reviews, and comments; and (b) that user's karma points.

For a detailed description and example of how a user's rating is calculated, please take a look at the attached spreadsheet.