What is SciBase?

SciBase is a platform for crowdsourced reviews of academic papers. You know how Amazon allows users to rate and review products, or Yelp does the same for restaurants and other businesses? We're like that, but for science.

How It Works

  1. Users register, search for, and write reviews of scientific papers. A review consists of star ratings, a description, and - if you're open for it - answering a few questions in our review wizard. Users can then also rate and comment on existing review. You can submit reviews and comments as yourself, under an alias, or anonymously.

  2. We then aggregate those ratings and produce an overall set of star ratings for the paper, the paper author and the user.

  3. Over time, this allows users to quickly search for and identify the best papers in a given area.

  4. If users would like, they can complete their profile page and apply for jobs posted on our site. We'll then help get them jobs based upon the quality of the science they've done (based upon the ratings of their papers and reviews) instead of where they went to school, what journals they've published in, or any other factor that shouldn't really matter (like ethnicity, age, or gender).

We use several approaches to ensure high-quality content and deter and detect abuse.

We are focused on providing access, transparency, and convenience. If you can't find answers on our support portal or have feature requests, please contact us via email or via chat on the site  - we'd love to hear from you.